Mining Exploration and Extraction

Mining Engineering is one part technical design and one part business management. Mining engineers are responsible for deciding how valuable a mineral deposit is and how best to mine it,for planning the day-to-day schedule and path of mining to maximize extraction and profit, and for ensuring the safety of people and equipment through mine ventilation and rock mechanics.

  • Geochemical exploration in mine scale,
  • Exploration of precious and rare minerals and rocks, Exploration of borrows resources,
  • Exploration development in the mines, Logging of core drillings and boreholes, Renovation of abandoned mines,
  • Geochemical and heavy minerals systematic exploration from regional to detail scales,
  • Geophysical exploration of copper and basic metals sulfide deposits with the IP-RS method,
  • Geophysical exploration of iron,chromium and manganese with magnetometric method,

Feasibility Studies

Pamir Geotechnical Services Company has started the feasibility study for the Baghdara Hydropower Project to the Ministry of Energy and Water.

PGS Co uses the best and newest Equipment and Utilities for one of the biggest Feasibility Study Projects in the East of Afghanistan.

BH HD2 Drilling point at BaghDara Site.

BHPP# D3ia Drilling point at BaghDara Site.


Pamir Geotechnical Services Company provides materials testing services establish temporary annex lab facilities on the job site to facilitate construction process. Pamir Geotechnical Services Co. conveys laboratory tests of soil, rock, concrete, cement, and asphalt. In addition to material lab test services, Pamir Geotechnical Services Co. provides the following services on the job site:

  • Soil Observation, Testing and Inspection Concrete Testing and Field Inspection
  • Cement/Mortar Testing and Field Inspection Asphalt/Bitumen Testing and Inspection
  • Compaction control of earthworks
  • Quality testing of asphalt production and placement Post‐construction sampling and testing.
  • Dam geotechnical investigation and assessment

Geotechnical Engineering

Pamir Geotechnical Services Company provides the most accurate interpretation & geotechnical recommendation of subsurface/soil conditions to help clients save money by ad opting appropriate parameters. With technical geotechnical skills and construction experience, we can deliver solutions for a wide range of geotechnical activities that includes collection of disturbed & undisturbed materials samples from the field, boreholes drilling by Auger and double core barrel method, Performing field inspection material tests and laboratory testing of soil, rock, concrete, cement, bitumen and asphalt.

  • Buildings and Towers
  • Roads and Highways
  • Slope Stability
  • Tunnel
  • Dam Investigation

Geo Hydrology

We have Professional Experts in conducting geo‐hydrological and hydrological studies in Afghanistan. Geohydrology are the study of the movement of water beneath the earth’s surface. Geohydrology plays an important role in a wide range of issues involving groundwater, such as drainage of excavation sites for subsurface construction, (groundwater) decontamination, site preparation and development for urban areas and industrial sites, too high groundwater levels in the living environment and the consequences of extraction for industry and drinking‐water supply.  Pamir Geotechnical Services Company professionals provide expertise and consultancy in the area of Geohydrology and Hydrogeology. Geohydrology is the study of the interactions between water and rocks, particularly with respect to groundwater, whereas, hydrogeology is the study of the chemical and physical interactions between rocks and water.
Our expert geo‐hydrological engineers will not only provide you with geo‐ hydrological studies, but also gives you consultation on this field.