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Pamir Geotechnical Services Company is staffed with highly trained and experienced geotechnical professionals.

We have extensive experience in providing specialist geotechnical engineering services in helping clients to manage their projects.

Earth materials such as soil, rock and water are the most fundamental elements    upon which social and physical infrastructure are built.

Specialist knowledge is needed from the early planning phase of investigation and analysis through to the design and construction of infrastructure.       

 Pamir Geotechnical Services Company has provided inspection and testing on several projects throughout Afghanistan.

Our US Army Corps of Engineers‐AED certified staff and skilled technicians bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to

the project site to assist the client in assuring quality construction. Field inspection and testing services include the following:

·         Soil Observation, Testing and Inspection

·         Geotechnical drilling at soil & rock by several methods Concrete Testing and Field Inspection

·         Cement /Mortar Testing and Field Inspection Asphalt/ Bitumen Testing and Inspection

·         Testing and inspection of Road & Building s construct ion projects Structural Masonry Examination/Testing

·         Structural Steel Examination/Testing

·         Water resource study by geophysical methods

·         Deep water well drilling by percussion and mud rotary

·         Ground water & Hydrological study and managements

Pamir Geotechnical Services Company focuses exclusively on the discipline of geotechnical engineering services.

Supported by our top level management, our staffs are leaders in a range of technical areas, covering the full spectrum of the geotechnical engineering discipline, focusing on value engineering.


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