Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering as a scientific and fundamental method for acquiring and using material knowledge while designing and constructing structures are sometimes referred to as the most difficult part of engineering analysis, while being an integral part of any civil engineering project. Identifying soil and rock behavior requires considerable knowledge and experience that has been accumulated over more than a decade of operation by Pamir Geotechnical Services.

Therefore, identifying the soil and rock affected by the foundations and exact designing the foundations are important aspects in the principles of civil engineering design, tunnels and dams, roads, and highways, improvement of ground and substructure of bridges, identification of subsurface cavities and faults, soil interaction and structures, earthquake behavior, and soil contact with the environment, The Geotechnical Engineer addresses these issues.

Geotechnical Services:

·         Geotechnical Sampling

·         Geotechnical Core Drilling {Soil and Rock)

·         Complete Field and Laboratory Test  

·         Field Works

·         Laboratory Testing

·         Complete test on soil, aggregate, concrete, and asphalt