Mining Exploration and Extraction

Mining is always at high investment risk. From geological complexity risks to basement mineral recognition, mining extraction and costly extraction processes that are well understood by those in the mining industry. The first step in mining is knowing the ground and the value of the substance behind it. This recognition and exploration must be achieved with the help of up-to-date equipment and knowledge and the use of sufficient experience. With careful exploration to increase or decrease, the probability of discovering and estimating the costs incurred and foreseeable will be decided on the operation of the mine.

  • Pamir Geotechnical Service Company, with the Suitable facilities mining prospects with its many years of knowledge and experience to optimize mining, reduce the risk of mining and invest wisely will help you succeed in this field.

    • Exploration Geochemical at the mine scale
    • Development of exploration in mines
    • Geophysical Exploration of Copper and Sulfide Deposited Metals Using IP-RS Method
    • Geophysical exploration of iron, chromium and manganese by magnetic metric method
    • Geophysical discoveries of debris deposits (bauxite and laterite) and placer deposits with ground penetration radar (GPR)
    • Feasibility of design and detailed exploration plan for different deposits
    • Investigation and estimation of mine reserves (volume and tonnage of deposits)
    • Boring and sampling: Able to drill and sample more than 200m depth
    • Mineralogy and petrography of the sample, providing a thin section and polished sample
    • Mining supervision and consultation